Top Bread Brands ( A - L )
Arnold Bread Brand
Arnold Bread dates back to 1940, when Dean and Betty Arnold baked the 1st loaves of Arnold bread in a brick oven in a small house in Stamford, Connecticut. The Arnold's business grew quickly, because of their dedication to making only the highest quality bread. Today, Arnold is part of Bimbo Bakeries USA. Slogan: Bread that loves you back. , Bread perfected.

Artisan Fresh Bread Brand
We came across this bread brand at our local Sam's Club. The bread was extraordinarily fresh and tasty. They make some really delicious Ciabatta Rolls which are square in shape and are perfect for making gourmet style sandwiches. They also sell Asiago Cheese Rolls, White Hoagie Rolls, Cocktail Croissants, Garlic Euro Rolls and other specialty breads. If you have a sweet tooth then try the Artisan Fresh sliced loaves which include a variety assortment of three flavors: Raspberry Swirl, Iced Luscious Lemon and Chocolate Ganache. They were extremely tasty and come pre-sliced, which makes them go great with tea or coffee. Who knew you could get great bread at Sam's Club? Now I guess everyone does. rating 9.5/10

Beefsteak Bread Brand

Beefsteak is thick and meaty bread, hence their name. If you are looking for flavorful, filling bread, then Beefsteak won't disappoint you. Great Rye and Pumpernickel Breads. This bread is great for making Corn Beef sandwiches. rating 9/10. Owned by Hostess Brands.

Bimbo Bread Brand
Look for the cute, white bear on the label and you will know that you are buying Bimbo bread. Bimbo Bakeries USA are located in Horsham, PA and have more then 70 bakeries nationwide. Bimbo is a major player in the bread industry with brands that include ARNOLD,  BALL PARK (BUNS),  BIMBO, BOBOLI,  BROWNBERRY,  EARTHGRAINS, ENTENMANN'S, FRANCISCO, FREIHOFER'S, MARINELA,  MRS BAIRD'S, OROWEAT, SARA LEE, STROEHMANN, THOMAS' and TIA ROSA. You can bet that Bimbo is baking up something fresh and good in your neighborhood.

Home Pride Bread Brand
Home Pride has been making great bread since 1965. They originally split the bread using rotating knives, today the bread is split with water. Home Pride bread is available in White and Whole Wheat loaves. rating 7.5/10. Owned by Hostess Brands.

Kirkland Signature Bread Brand
This brand of bread is sold at Costco and is considered to be their "house brand". A good quality brand of bread which comes with a solid guarantee from Costco, if you are not happy with your purchase they will refund your money. We love the Multigrain bread which is 100% Whole Grain. This bread is very low in fat, tastes great and stays fresh for a good long time. breadbrand.com rating 9.5/10

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