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Bread Storage
It is important to store your bread properly for maximum freshness and longevity. Make sure to tightly seal the bread after removing slices. Sealing the bread up well will help it stay fresh, longer.

I prefer to double seal my bread once it's opened by using a large zip lock style sandwich bag. After closing up the default packaging, I place the rest of the bread inside the zip lock bag. This way the bread stays fresh and mold free for a lengthy period.

Be aware of the expiration date when purchasing breads, try not to purchase loaves that are expiring soon.

Always store your bread in cool dry places, so as not to attract mold. If the temperature is warm you may even want to store the bread in the refrigerator to maximum it's life.

Freezing Bread
Bread can be safely frozen and will last several months in a freezer. When freezing bread I recommend using a freezer bag that includes a zip-lock. This way you will avoid freezer burn. Try to get as much of the air out of the bag as you can, squeeze out the excess air and seal the bag up tight.

I would suggest dating the bag with a felt tipped marker or pen, so you can tell just exactly how long it has been frozen when you check on it later.